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Getting Help...

It takes a genuinely strong person to consider bearing their innermost feelings and concerns to anyone. That is why I consider therapy and or counseling as an in-depth conversation to the heart and soul of the matter.  So often individuals walk through life needing to be heard beyond the surface level. I offer you that opportunity.

I believe that we possess the answers to our life concerns and issues, they are just buried underneath a world of distractions, being ignored and often time discarded.  However, if we are given a true listening ear and we are asking the right questions; we can rediscover that path of life that will allow us to reach that destination we so deeply wish to achieve.

It all starts by reaching out just one more time, maybe this conversation will be different, maybe just maybe, the question to the answers I hold within, maybe asked and ignite my fire to being a great me, having a stronger relationship, repairing a damage marriage and truly make a positive difference in my life. Perhaps it is time for me to have “A Talk with John” 

Mental Health

"Suicide and Prevention"

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Mental Health

"Addition and Substance Abuse"

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"Personal Responsibility"

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Crucial Conversations

"Playing to Win vs. Playing not to Loss"

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Be Pursuable

"In our quest to be pursued, are we still doing the things that made our significant other chase after us or are we comfortable now that we have been caught?"

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