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Foods and drinks that are not suitable in the first year of life

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Foods that are not suitable

•Ready meals or take-away foods • Spicy or salty snacks •Very high-fiber foods (such as high-bran-type cereals) •Any foods with special ingredients, designed for adults – for example, low-fat or low-sugar products, or fortified products •Artificially sweetened foods •Foods with the colors and the preservative additives •Honey (Most vegans avoid honey, but it is particularly important not to give it to babies.) •In addition, avoid whole nuts or chunks of food such as apple that might be a choking risk.

Drinks that are not suitable

•Soft drinks, a sweet concentrated liquid made from or flavored with fruit juice •Drinks with added caffeine or stimulants •Artificially sweetened drinks •Drinks with colors and the preservative additives

•Rice milk alternative or rice drinks •Any types of tea or coffee


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