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"Meaty" Portobello Mushroom

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Mushrooms can replace meat in several recipes and favorite dishes. It's earthy, meaty and very versatile. Pressed cooked mushrooms are a nice way to get the moisture out and condense the structure for extra meatiness.


  1. On medium high heat, in a large dry cast iron skillet, line the portobello mushrooms in a single layer.

  2. Place a second cast iron skillet on top of the mushrooms for an even weight press. The water will start to release.

  3. When the mushrooms are halved in height, remove the pan off the top and flip the mushrooms to the other side. Then place the pan back on top.

  4. Don't remove any of the liquid in the pan; it will evaporate.

  5. Once all the liquid is out of the skillet, remove the top skillet add about 2 tbsp of olive oil and season both sides of your mushrooms with your desired herbs and spices.

Ideas are limitless:

  • Thinly slice and BBQ sauce for a sandwich.

  • Thick chop and add steak seasoning for a Philly Chez hoagie.

  • Slice and add Tamari/Soy Sauce for a Stirfry with other veggies.

  • Keep it whole and add some vegan Worcestershire sauce/liquid smoke and pile up your burger toppings.

Create & Enjoy!

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