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Vegan Low Carb Asian Veggie Pasta

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hearts of Palm is used as a pasta replacement. It's rich in nutrients, low in fat, packed with iron, high in antioxidants, loaded with essential minerals, aids in weight loss and is Keto compatibility.

Pasta & Veggie Ingredients:

-(2)14oz. cans Palmini Low Carb Pasta linguine (hearts of palm)

-1 chicken-less bouillon cube

-2 cups Broccoli florets

-8 oz. Sliced Mushroom

-1/2 cup Green onions

-10.5 oz. bag sliced Soy Delight Chicken (frozen section at Whole Foods)

-grapeseed oil for saute

-Low Sodium Soy Sauce

-General Tso Stir-Fry Sauce (I used House of Tsang)

-herbs & spices (garlic,parsley,black pepper and salt to taste-may not need any)


Drain the liquid from the can pasta and thoroughly rinse. In 4 cups of water add the chicken-less bouillon cube, cook pasta for about 5 or 6 min until tender with a slight bite(al dente). Drain and set aside. Saute all veggies with grapeseed oil (they should still have a crunch) then add soy chicken and cook for 2 min. before adding the pasta, herbs/spices, soy sauce and general sauce. Enjoy!

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