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Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Basic vegan mayo recipe or customize with your favorite herbs.


2 cups sunflower oil (cold)

1 cup of soy milk (no substitute)

4 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (cold)

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt to taste

*Make sure the oil is at the same temperature as the milk (COLD).

Immersion blender option:

If you’re using an immersion blender, combine the oil, milk, apple cider vinegar and salt in the blender cup, place the immersion blender in, so that way it sits firmly on the bottom of the cup and pulse until the mayo emulsifies. Once most of the vegan mayo has emulsified, you can move the blender up and down to incorporate any oil that is sitting on the top.

Regular blender option:

If you’re using a regular blender, place the milk, apple cider vinegar and salt in the blender, except the oil, and blend for about 5 seconds. Then add the oil gradually while the blender is going at a slow speed until it thickens, then you can turn it gradually from low to high and let it go until well mixed. Add more salt if needed.

*Add your favorite herbs to the mayo to take your sandwich or burger to another level!

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