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Vegan Cake? Yes, Shhhhh....You won't know!

I was the Host for my Sister's 50th Birthday Party in January. A Vegan in charge of ordering the food and making her 3 tier cake. She is not a Vegan nor are 99% of her friends and family. I ordered non vegan dishes they were familiar with and would love. The "Cake" was going to be vegan! I made here 3 tier cake so I could eat a piece, I also wanted to prove to her guest that they couldn't tell the difference. Plant Based wasn't nasty and tasteless but healthier and delicious!

My sister looked beautiful, she loved the cake and so did her guest! Win..Win..A new outlook and maybe even a transitioning to a vegan lifestyle over a piece of cake.

Pull your old favorite recipes and veganize them! You can have a party and eat cake TOO!

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